C-SWIG references on Zotero are a collection of cross-referenced items in regards to academic culture, pedagogy,  neoliberal academies, gender, race, and sexuality, and, well, a lot more.  The list is public and you don’t have to have a Zotero account to view the list.

Gender and Geography Bibliography is the collection of work curated by Ellen Hansen for the Geographic Perspectives on Women Specialty Group of the AAG.

The International Geographic Union- Commission on Gender has an archive of newsletters which contain extensive bibliographic references.

For science-specific studies on gender and the academy, check out either the C-SWIG reference list or the References on Chilly Climate for Women Faculty in Academe.

Studies of Interest



Work-Life Research “In 2008-2010 the Joint Administration-Massachusetts Society of Professors (MSP) Work-Life Committee conducted a survey of all faculty and librarians who were not serving in administrative roles, and also held several focus groups.”

Standing Still: The Associate Professor Survey  was conducted by the Modern Language Association.  The study investigate the stasis of women faculty at the associate professor level.

MIT Status of Women, the studies that launched the rather recent surge in departmental, university and disciplinary studies of gender inequities.



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