The theme of this year’s meetings is: Listen up!

September  21st: Welcome Event

If you are a returning member please bring a snack or beverage to share.

October:  Productive Listening

In meetings or the classroom, active listening techniques, how to facilitate a group discussion

November:  Listening to What Works for You

Creating a productive work schedule that maintains a balanced life–bring pen and paper!

December:  Getting an earful: Classroom Techniques

Creating a respectful classroom, helping you and your students to feel heard, laying ground rules

January:  Ear to the ground: Gendered concerns in the field

How does gender play out in the field?  What concerns do you have and who will listen?

February:  Presenting yourself on paper

CV, website, cover letters, applications: Maintaining your academic life in print

March:  Presenting yourself in person

Conference presentations and interviews: Gendered body language & self-presentation skills

April:  Hearing tacit ‘rules’: On being a woman in Geography

What are the ‘rules’?  Who makes them?  How can we learn them?  When should we break them?


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