Meetings are held once a month and alternate between Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in order to accommodate individuals with evening courses or other regular engagements. Meeting time is 7:00 p.m.


Meeting guidelines

C-SWIG members should keep in mind that we need to use discretion when discussing what happens during our meetings.  C-SWIG is a space to encourage professional development and to provide emotional support.  Sometimes members may have personal concerns or professional conflicts that need to remain unspoken outside of the group.  Hey, it’s fine to tell other people that we discussed, for example, strategies to better communicate with supervisors and to state what those are.  But it is NOT PERMISSABLE to gossip about another person’s personal/professional conflict.  Our group isn’t clandestine, but we do want to maintain boundaries so that we can continue to support one another in productive ways.


Meeting Volunteers

The host provides a space for the meeting and, usually, provides minimal refreshment.  It is greatly appreciated if group members bring a snack or refreshing beverage to share.


The facilitator has two primary duties: notifying members of the meeting and facilitating the meeting.


  •  A week before the meeting, the facilitator should send out an email about the meeting, the meeting location, and transit directions. The facilitator also needs to make sure that the homepage of the website lists the meeting date and readings. The day before or morning of the meeting another email reminder should be sent.
  •  The facilitator should officially start the meeting no later than 7:30 p.m. and close the meeting by 9:00 p.m.  The facilitator should open the meeting be briefly introducing the evening’s topic and attempt to keep the group focused on the topic at hand.  The facilitator is not expected to be an expert on the theme.  She serves to keep the group on task.









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