In the mid 1990s women’s geography groups began to form across the United States.  These groups were autonomous groups, each forming in response to departmental and university cultures and politics.  In the late 1990s, these groups, still autonomous, took on the shared moniker of Supporting Women in Geography, denoting their common goal of promoting the participation of women in the discipline.  Some groups work with local high school students, others focus on university and departmental culture.

In 2000, women geographers from Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia decided to form a group of their own.   Along with meeting once a month, our group has also been involved in guerrilla action:  group members collected demographic data (here and here) about PhD granting programs in the US and Canada, created flyers, and handed them out at an AAG conference.  This action was taken as confrontational by some, and it also sparked interest in conducting further studies.  Our group also created t-shirts with the slogan “women taking up space.”  All profits from t-shirt sales went to fund the Suzanne MacKenzie Memorial Lecture.



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