A plagiarism story

Dr. Crazy over at Reassigned Time 2.0 writes a poignant post on discovering plagiarism (as well as the emotional impact of marking papers).  An excerpt:

“I read the first page of this paper.  There wasn’t anything in it, probably, that would have made most people blink.  The paper fit the parameters of the assignment.  The paper’s ideas were something that this student could likely have produced, given hir previous work.  The paper had MLA errors that were typical of a paper that a regular student would submit.  There weren’t any weird formatting issues, or weird typos that gave me the tip-off.  There was, honestly, nothing suspicious about it.  And yet, there was something… something… ineffably… wrong.  So I read that first page – even wrote a comment that the thesis statement was “Interesting!”.  And then?  I thought, you know, I’ve got this funny feeling.  Maybe I’ll google a sentence.”

Read the post in its entirety here.


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