What are you doing over the holidays? How about avoid burn-out?

Jo VanEvery, an academic coach, provides great guidance on succeeding in academia.  Recently, she’s blogged on tangible strategies to avoid being completely overwhelmed.  Here’s a snippet:

“If you only just noticed that grant deadline and were thinking you’d apply, don’t. If you haven’t even started, it’s already too late. You have plenty on your plate. It will come up again next year. Not only can it not be done without damage to your mental and physical health. It cannot be done well in the time remaining. Start planning for next year’s deadline.

If you have already started work on that SSHRC IDG application (or other application due in January or February), I fully support you. This is your research work for this season and you should prioritize it.

  • make a detailed to-do list: “write grant application” is NOT a to do list item
    • update publications in online form
    • write detailed description
    • write summary
    • prepare budget
    • etc (each of those can probably be broken down further)”

Read the full post here.




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