Don’t forget about our bibliography!

Right now we are working on a resource guide for women in the GVRD, but no matter where you live you will find our bibliographic list of scholarly work a great resource.  We’ve got research on gender/race/sexuality in the academy, being an academic and parent, neoliberalizing universities, critical pedagogy, mentoring, and the list goes on. We are always adding new citations.

The list is compiled using Zotero (an open source reference manager).  You can search the list without being a Zotero user, but if you don’t have tool to organize your bibliographic data, you might want to think about Zotero.  It’s free.  It’s easy.  You’ll never again have to type out bibliography.  Anyway, our reference list on Zotero is organized and cross-referenced according to topic.  Hopefully, you’ll find a resource that suits your needs.


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