How to write a bio

Aimée Morrison over at Hook & Eye pens a blog post regarding writing a bio.  Breaking down bios into three professional statuses, graduate student, early-stage professor, and tenured prof, her comments are funny as they seem to hit on the truth (and truthiness?) of self-depiction.  Here’s a snippet:

“Often, graduate students write the most about themselves in their bios, and this can be a little off-putting. (“Janey Ambitious (BA Podunk) is a pre-PhD student in the program of Arts and Culture at the University of Bigname, where she teaches several yearly sections of freshman comp and studies the grand literary theory of everything. Her research combines new criticism, poststructuralism, new media studies, and continental philosophy to propose that everyone is wrong. She was a valedictorian of her high school and published a poem on the Arts Student Association website, which earned three comments.”) Otherwise, they say very little, which I kind of like for its clear-headed brevity. (“Janey Ambitious is a Masters student at University of Bigname.”)”

What are your thoughts about how one should go about writing a bio?


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