Work-life research

Following up on the last C-SWIG post, this link brings you to the Work-Life Research home page for the Joint Administration-Massachusetts Society of Professors (MSP) Work-Life Committee at the University of Massachusetts.

“The study focused on several areas of work-life that often intersect within the sphere or work and even spill into the home life of faculty and librarians. We ask: How much time is spent on work and on care by faculty members and librarians? Are there differences in how work-time is spent by gender and care responsibilities? How have UMass work-life policies helped faculty and librarians balance care and work? Which faculty and librarians benefit most from these policies? Do caregiving responsibilities, and support for care through policies, affect how faculty and librarians feel about their jobs and the university? How have changes in the university impacted its faculty and librarians? What are the major stressors regarding work-life balance?”

The site has a series of links to executive summaries of their findings.


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