Schedule 2011-2012

January 18th,  Conferences!

This month we discuss conferences. What is the value of attending conferences? How do we preparing a conference paper? Come share and learn presentation strategies, how to handle questions, how to navigate the cult of personality at academic conferences, and session jumping. Importantly, we will ask (and answer!) how to have a dialogue within a conference session!

This meeting is just in time for the upcoming AAG. If you’ve never been to an academic conference, this is a great chance for demystification. If you’re an old hand at conferences, please come share your wisdom, tips, and rants.

Optional readings:

Kurtz and de Leeuw, 2008.  “Session jumping at the AAG.”  Environment and Planning A 40(1): 2-5.

Hook and Eye, a Canadian feminist academic blog, provides some thoughtful opinion pieces on conference participation.

November 29th, Issues in Academic Discussion

Join us for our November meeting where we will chat about issues faced in academic discussion (including but not limited to ‘theory boys (and girls)’, discussion versus aggression, how to critique an article, identity enactment in intellectual discussion, non-comprehension/comprehension in graduate seminars, and sooo sooo much more!)

Two short pieces to get us thinking about these issues as well as tactics for engaging with them:

Toril Moi ” Discussion or Aggression? Arrogance and Despair in Graduate School”

“The problem, then, is how to express one’s passionate commitment to specific theories, ideas or methods without implying that those who are not equally enamored by them must be morons. To speak with Bourdieu: the challenge is to find a way to express our own views without inflicting symbolic violence on our colleagues and classmates

Deborah Tannen “Agonism in Academic Discourse”

Oct. 26th Introductory meeting


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